ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Fixtures Download PDF, PNG, JPG

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 is around the corner! The cricket world cup is one of the popular sports events in the world. This event is not popular as football world cup but the cricket world cup is famous worldwide but mostly in Asia. The ICC Cricket World Cup happens in every 4 years. Fans are waiting for starting the event! And they need to know the fixture of matches with time-table! ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 will be held on 30th of May, 2019.  This season the world cup will stand in England & Wales. You will be able to download the fixture from our website in JPG, PNG and PDF format!

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 England & Wales

What is the ICC?

The full meaning of ICC is 'International Cricket Council' which is responsible for all the rules and regulations of cricket. The ICC - International Cricket Council is established on June 15, 1909. The headquarter of ICC is located at Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The ICC's full meaning was the Imperial Cricket Conference from 1909 to 1965. After 1965 it changed its title to International Cricket Conference until 1989. After 1989 the ICC confirmed its new title as International Cricket Council. The CEO of the ICC is Manu Sawhney and the Chairman is Shashank Manohar. The official website of the council is -  https://www.icc-cricket.com

International Cricket Council Logo

What is a Fixture?

The fixture is a list where all the information including date and time is listed. Everyone can know the time-table of something, it is an alternative to schedule. The fixture also means is a fixed list and everyone have to maintain it. The ICC Cricket World Cup 19 Fixture means that a team should play with another in a fixed date and time. Everyone can know which day in which teams will play by this fixture!

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Fixture

Here we have the ICC CWC 19 Fixture. This is the accurate ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Schedule. You are welcome to download it, we have collected it from the official ICC Cricket website. You may save the image as jpg or download it in png format! If you don't want to save the image you may view it directly from our website!

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Time Table

You can also get it in PDF format from our website now! Click on the button below to get the ICC CWC 19 Schedule in PDF file!

Thanks for taking the fixture from our website! You also get the latest update about the world cup here! We have a lot of interesting articles about world cup on our website.

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